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Leila’s First Halloween

As the days shorten and goblins fill the night skies, it’s time once again for the incredible Susanna Hill’s



The Contest:  write a 100-word Halloween story appropriate for children (title not included in the 100 words), using the words costume, dark, and haunt.  Check out the many other wonderful entries linked to or posted on Susanna’s blog. Without further ado:

Leila’s First Halloween (99 words)

Tears puddle in Leila’s dark eyes. Tomorrow is the Halloween costume parade at her new school.

“Costumes cost money,” Mama sighs. “I can’t buy something you wear once for this strange holiday. Any extra money must be sent to our sisters and brothers in Aleppo.”

Halloween haunts Leila’s thoughts. A stomach ache? Mama never lets her miss school. A costume from Teacher’s bin? Her classmates will laugh.

“I know!” she cries, grabbing a navy pullover and red leggings.

As her classmates don costumes, Leila asks Teacher for 50 stars and white tape.

“I’m an American now, an American flag!”