Wander: verb. To walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way; meander; travel aimlessly through or over (an area).

Ponder: verb. To think about something carefully; to reflect.

Write: verb. To compose a text or work for written or printed reproduction; to string words together to convey thoughts and meaning.

(source: primarily Oxford English Dictionary, online version)


I wander – traveling the world as often and as far as I can; sometimes short visits, sometimes longer, always yearning to learn something new; walking each day, exploring, finding the “new” in nature, in cities, wherever I find myself; I wander, unsure of the path ahead.

I ponder – the “new” that I find as I wander; stringing thoughts together in what, I hope, becomes something to write; I ponder, unsure of the life ahead.

I write – primarily picture books for young children and their special adults to share, about dogs, nature, social justice themes, and more.

And I? I’m a wife, mother of 3 adult children, owner of two orange pups, urban gardener, enthusiastic snorkeler, serial mover, picture book reviewer & pre-published author, who is submitting stories to be published (hopefully) sometime soon.

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  1. You sound so similar to me. I love this. Loved reading it. Made me smile.

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