Several years ago, a fellow member of the Colgate Alumni Council asked our then-president what was on her nightstand. A simple question with an answer that revealed much about her. So what’s on your nightstand?

4 responses to “Nightstand

  1. Yes! PTNOZELL, Beatrice’s goal in WYRI pitch: A Little Witchy, is to regain the attention of her parents lost when the baby arrives. I’ll try to incorporate your suggestion to state it at the start to clarify premise. Thank you.

  2. On my nightstand: a lamp, a kleenex box, a paperback cozy mystery book, and my pad of paper and light-up pen. I have to have my pad and pen because I get story ideas while I’m trying to get to sleep so I write them down so I can remember them in the morning.

    What a fun question Patricia!

  3. A lamp, MG or adult novel, journal and pen. The light-up variety is brilliant, Eileen.

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