Spot the Angel

                           The 3rd Annual Holiday Contest!!!

The Contest:  Write a children’s story about a Holiday Mishap, mix-up, miscommunication, mistake, or potential disaster….  Your story may be poetry or prose, silly or serious or sweet, religious or not, based on Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate, but is not to exceed 350 words.  
The Entry:  At just under 350 words…

SPOT the Angel


Spot flopped, tongue dragging.  Bella and Nella chewed their cud, as they swayed stage right.  No easy task to corral those shaggy cows in the Highland field, but Spot had yipped and nipped until furry heads raised, big brown eyes blinking, they followed Ben down the mucky path.  “You’re an angel, Spot,” said Ben, as he ruffled the fluffy dog’s ears.

Billy and Lilly cavorted stage left.  Spot had spied them atop the crag, horns glistening in afternoon sun.  Leaping through thistle, Spot yipped and nipped until they fell in line behind Ben, Bella and Nella.  “A true angel, Spot! They were no match for you!”

Lester and Hester gnawed the flimsy stable.  Spot had waded through rubbish to reach them scrounging behind the shed.  When he yipped and nipped, they lifted one hoof then another, joining boy and beasts.  “My angel, Spot!  Nothing stops you,” Ben exclaimed.

Shellie and Nellie snuggled in soft hay down stage.  Cornering the skittish sheep was difficult, but Spot had yipped and nipped until they followed along.

“What an angel you are,” cried Ben, as they reached the village green.  The stage was lit, scene set: all it lacked were the animals.  Spot yipped and nipped until each was in her place.  Now he could relax.

 But wait!  Ben had said he’s an angel.  But how?  With muddy paws, burrs in fur, tangled tail, what kind of angel was he?

Spot nipped and clipped, but he still looked nothing like an angel – just a fluffy mutt, with SPOTS!  Glimpsing Paddy’s Pudding Shop, he slipped through the gathering crowd.

Paws outstretched, fur shimmering white, Spot felt a true angel, balancing on stable’s peak.  Until,

Bella and Nella sneezed!  Billy and Lilly wheezed!

Lester and Hester sniffed the air; Shellie and Nellie cringed in despair.

“Spot! Get down from there! You’ll ruin the Christmas pageant,” cried Ben.

“But I thought I was an angel,” whimpered Spot, crouching at Ben’s feet.

“You’re an angel, Spot, but better not a floury one,” chuckled Ben.  “A spotted angel you are, and that’s a fine thing to be!”

36 responses to “Spot the Angel

  1. You need to fix your link on Susanna’s blog ~ it leads to an admin page which doesn’t allow visitors.

  2. And your story is too cute to miss!

  3. Aw, what a sweet story. Really delightful. Great job!

  4. Sweet! I have a thing for herding dogs (I used to have an English Shepherd). A really darling story!

  5. Ah, what a fun story, love your use of language!

  6. A different perspective – I love it! 🙂

  7. I’m sure there are lots of dog-loving children that can relate to this sweet story!

  8. This is true doggy story. Did you know the AKC is open to submitted stories right now? Here is the link for it.

    I hope you submit it and win, not only Susanna’s contest but into the magazine. 🙂

  9. What a delightful story! 🙂

  10. Aw! What a good boy Spot is – very angelic! I can just imagine him up on the roof covered in flour 🙂 Very fun story, Patricia – thanks so much for joining in the fun! (And I fixed your link yesterday morning – as far as I know it’s working! :))

  11. I just love the British feel to this story. And the rhyming names are outstanding, Patricia!

  12. Spot made a lovely angel — flour and all! Neat story, Patricia!

  13. Such a sweet dog, Patricia! Very cute!

  14. Fun story Patricia. I enjoyed this a lot! Put a smile on my face.

  15. Besides being an angel, Soot is a very creative dog! Cute story, Patricia!

  16. I enjoyed reading this, Patricia! Thank you for your creative voice! 🙂

  17. Great story! The ending is very cute. 🙂

  18. elainekielykearns

    Great story, Patricia! Good luck!

  19. what a sweet tale, I enjoyed the pace and the country feel to it. I could see Spot crashing through the undergrowth to reach the cows. Nicely done.

  20. Great story. Really enjoyed it. Love Clar’s suggestion too. Good luck.

  21. Love your doggy point-of-view, and his floury solution!

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