Another Halloweensie Tale & Halloween Treats

At long last,  it’s time for the one and only, sixth-annual (and counting), 

Great Halloweensie Contest

(crowds of little people, and little-people lovers, cheer)

to wit, to write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children (title not included in the 100 words, children here defined as 12 and under), using the words spider, ghost, and moon.   And if you visit Susanna Hill’s blog, you’ll find more entries like the ones below (and many, many more that are better!).

Wait! “Ones below?”

Yep – I wrote two this year. After I learned on Sunday that *gasp* trick-or-treating is cancelled due to the outbreak of a rather nasty stomach bug in our school community, I was inspired to write the second story. Enjoy!



Another Halloweensie Tale

(97 words)

“Another Halloweensie tale, please?”

“Just one, then bedtime…”

“Little Miss Muffet”

“So last century.”

“Sat on a Tuffet;”

“A tough-what?”

“Eating her curds and whey.”

“No way! Why not a Halloween treat?”

“A Milky Way, Mars Bar or Moon Pie!”

“Along came a spider…”

“The HERO!“

“Who sat down beside her…”

“SAT? We creep, climb, spin, but NEVER sit.”

“And frightened Miss Muffet a…”

“WAIT! One itsy, bitsy spider scared that curd-chewing, tuffet-sitting Hag?”

LOOK! That moonbeam shines right through her.  She’s pale as a


“Creep! Climb! Spin! Up the Water Spout! Onto the Web!”



Halloween Treats

(99 words)

Ghost clicked off the light and stacked her sheets. Spider unsnapped his web from the porch and rolled it into a ball. Witch doused the flames under her simmering brew as a cloud of bats blanketed the Moon.

“Another Halloween, and no trick-or-treaters braved our door,” Ghost sighed.

“We had tasty treats ready,” squeaked Spider.

“I guess we’ll have to wait another year,” Witch sniffled.

Moon struggled free from the bat wrappings. She lit a path towards town.

“Follow me!” Ghost exclaimed.

“Trick or treat,” the trio proclaimed. They delivered the tasty treats to costumed kids throughout the town.









18 responses to “Another Halloweensie Tale & Halloween Treats

  1. TWO great Halloweensie stories. I’m glad I’m not the judge, lol.

  2. TWO great Halloweensie stories. Love them both!

  3. Trick-or-treating cancelled?!! How sad! But both of your stories made me happy, especially Another Halloweensie Tale. So clever and funny! Good luck!

  4. Great job with both stories. Good luck and Happy Halloween!

  5. Love the Halloween stories, Patricia!! Particularly loved the mashed up nursery rhyme Halloweensie Tale! 🎃🎃 Individual! Good luck!

  6. Very ambitious of you to write two Halloweensie tales! I like the modern take on the first one. And I can relate to the second one-having few kids to my door anymore–and I think they have a great solution.

  7. I loved both stories! Both are so clever and fun!

    • Thank you, Patricia. I always view Susanna’s contests as a way to stretch writing muscles. For these stories, I was trying to break down some stereotypes – something I know you appreciate!

  8. Both great stories, Patricia! Love the twist on Miss Muffet in the first one – the entirely believable interrupting kid listener 🙂 and the twist ending! And I felt bad for the disappointed hosts in the second one, but glad they found a way to give out treats anyway!

    • Thanks, Susanna! Not sure how you are finding the time to read and comment on all of the entries. YOU have started an amazing tradition with the Halloweensie contest. Thank you!

  9. What a fun twist on little Miss Muffet! I guess she better watch out . . .

  10. Two for the price of one…thanks so much, Pat…and I enjoyed them other…really fun Miss Muffet…and glad the other three got to go to town to give out their treats. 🙂

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