Monster! A Halloweensie Tale

Happy Halloween! That day when all things pumpkin flavored, scented and colored rule; when every dog who has ever shared our home cowers under covers as the doorbell rings again, and again, and again; and when writers of picture books converge like a coven of witches and warlocks to stir 100 words into Halloweensie treats for kids of all ages.

The rules as stated on Susanna Hill’s site are simple: 100 words (not including the title); kid-friendly; using the terms monster, candy corn (counted as one word), and shadow. Entries are linked at Susanna’s site – read as many as you dare! I double dare you to comment on as many as you can! I trust you won’t be disappointed – they’re much more satisfying than anything you’ll find at the bottom of a treat bag.

And now, without further adoooOOO..

MONSTER! (100 words)

Jeremiah whispered, “I vant to drink your blood.”

But then he bumped into Jessy’s desk. Milk spilled across her homework.

She yelled, “Monster!”

“No! I’m not!”

He stumbled down the stairs, smashing into Gran’s favorite planter. CRASH!

She cried, “Monster!”

“No! I’m not!”

Jeremiah tripped and toppled the candy corn dish.

Jimmy hissed, “Monster!”

“No! I’m not!”

Lips quivering over bloodied fangs, Jeremiah squinted at his blurry shadow.

“What do they see that I don’t?”

He sighed. “Everything.”

Jeremiah straightened his cape, grabbed a sack, and put on his thick glasses.

“I’m no Monster! This Vampire vants to trick or treat!”






23 responses to “Monster! A Halloweensie Tale

  1. Poor Jeremiah. So misunderstood. He just can’t see his way out the door! Cute story! Good luck in the contest!

  2. Ha. Adorable. I love this kid.

  3. Patricia, you kept me in suspense. Well done! fun story. 🙂

  4. Very clever story! Good luck!

  5. Great suspenseful ending! Those pesky glasses ruin all the best costumes. But I glad he goes anyway. Good Luck

  6. Ha! Cute story, Pat! I vant a pumpkin spice coffee now!

  7. Why, yes, that’ll do! haha

  8. Hope Jeremiah got lots of treats or he make break everything in the neighborhood.
    Cute story, especially appreciate by all us myopics
    best of luck!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by & commenting. I think all of us readers & writers who have spent years reading in poor light & glued to computer screens while writing can relate to his predicament.

  9. The story reminds me of me before I got contacts. Good luck!

  10. Poor Jeremiah. I remember when I got my glasses. The stars were suddenly pinpoints instead of blobs. 🙂

  11. Delfina Salimbene

    Too cute! Jeremiah is just adorable. Nice work!

  12. Patricia, this is fantastic. I love the twist at the end that Jeremiah really just needed his glasses. Good luck!

  13. Love this twist on needing to wear glasses, Patricia! Fun story, cute likable misunderstood MC, and thank goodness he finally got out the door! 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the Halloweensie fun!

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