Dancing Birds: 50 Precious Words Writing Contest



I agree with my friend, and contest creator, Vivian Kirkfield, who once again is hosting this magical kidlit contest to celebrate the birthday of the late Dr. Seuss. The challenge: to create a complete story, suitable for children, using only 50 words or less (not including the title), and without illustration notes. All entries are posted in the comments of her blog post. Do stop by and read and comment on the stories there – and share, share, share! And if you are so inclined, write and submit your own story – the contest is open until March 6, 2019, at 11:59 pm.

Dancing Birds

(48 words)

Merritt the parrot was green with envy, feeling blue, when she spied Sylvia Swan’s sparkly tutu. Feathers ruffled, Merritt squawked, “I want one, too!”

Sylvia pecked. Off flew the tutu. She chirped, “For you, my friend! Please wear it. This tutu is perfect – for a colorful parrot.”

7 responses to “Dancing Birds: 50 Precious Words Writing Contest

  1. David McMullin

    Great words! I love Sylvia’s kindness.

  2. Hello Patricia! I like your dancing birds!

  3. I always enjoy your blog postings, although I don’t always take time to comment. 🙂

  4. Love the kindness aspect of this, Patricia…and can you believe I still haven’t picked the winners…yikes! But the trip definitely put me way behind. Thank you so much for participating…and always being such a wonderful supporter!!!

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