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12×12 in 2012

I’m celebrating 12×12 in 2012 for Twelve Special Reasons with my first post EVER because

1. 12×12 has been an amazing Challenge;
2. The 12×12 Community has restored my belief that Life is not a Competition – I so love the Camaraderie of this Group;
3. 12×12 posts have taught me so much about writing and revising Picture Books, not to mention bringing new meaning to the terms pitch & query;
4. The 12×12 Monthly Guest Bloggers have shared so much wisdom (and goodies!);
5. I’ve met, and followed, so many amazing Blogs that I’ve discovered through the 12×12 Community;
6. I’ve followed so many Peeps & learned so much from them, too;
7. Through the 12×12 Facebook group, I learned about the SCBWI NJ Conference last June, where I met so many amazing authors, agents & publishers;
8. 12×12 has given me the Courage to try other Challenges: the March Madness Poetry Contest (my claim to fame is submitting “bovine” for the final round); the Colgate Writers Conference; Short & Sweets on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog; several submissions to; PiBoIdMo;
9. Did I mention I managed 31 ideas during PiBoIdMo 2012, even though I was traveling for almost a week in November?
10. Starting a Facebook page for Two Orange Pups, where I share my love of KidLit with my love of all things canine (and have even published a poem or two there);
11. When people ask (and sometimes even when they don’t), I now have the Courage to say that I’m a Picture Book Writer;
12. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Julie; you are AMAZING!
13. I’m so looking forward to 12×12 in 2013 – REALLY!

So, who noticed that I listed Thirteen reasons for celebrating? Why, you wonder? Twelve plus One for Good Luck to us all in 2013!